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Secteur d'activité: Marques
Pays: République de Corée

NAYEA Cosmetic Co., Ltd.
Value Beyond Beauty
NAYEA Cosmetics, which has been thinking of everyone's health and beauty, is expanding its value to a company specializing in manufacturing and selling high-function cosmetics, living health products and health-functioning food products. In addition, based on the corporate spirit of sharing and growing together with our customers, we will happily accompany them toward a future where everyone can be happy and laugh.
We are constantly carrying out independent research and development with the value of products as a top priority, and we are going to practice emptying and filling, beauty and pretty, and public sharing to create value that gives customers satisfaction. And we continue to make efforts to develop products for our customers' convenient and healthy lives, including cosmetics, health-functioning foods, and daily necessities.

KLALAB is a dermatological cosmetic brand which utilizes once hard to be absorbed ingredients to be absorbed deep into skin with its patented proprietary ionization technique for maximum efficacy. Minerals, it will be created a huge sensation. Minerals, only thought about eating and drinking! A safe and special ingredient that takes care of the collapsed skin barrier, keeps skin balance, and solves the fundamental problems of skin aging and troubles. Ionized mineral, safe and special ingredient for healthy skin, Ionized Minerals completed with NAYEA's technology, you will feel the elixir of its efficacy. Experience the start of healthy and radiant skin with KLALAB
KLALAB’s patented ionization technology presents a new paradigm of the IONIC DERMATOLOGY that solves the fundamental problem of skin aging and skin problems.