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Secteur d'activité: Marque de parfum & cosmétique
Pays: République de Corée
Stand: N8

Kids Cosmetic of the Beauty Creator
Shushu Cosmetic has launched kid-friendly cosmetic products including water-based nail polishes, non-toxic lip cares, facial mask sheets, sunscreens, and body care items made of safe ingredients that could be gently applied to our kids’ skin and body since its inception in 2013.
In 2016, we have celebrated every kid through the extraordinary experiences of spa service at our beauty spa ‘Shushu&Sassy’ in a “Sure! I’m Special” destination. We have created the specific programs that could provide the fluent experiences at kids’ spa to discover their preferences.
We encourage all kids to share their ideas, have a voice, collaborate, and express their thoughts and opinions as they could do something more by themselves. With that philosophy, we have collaborated with a 9-years-girl designer to develop a fancy package design of a new facial mask sheet which became one of the main items of our brand. We will continue this kind of event by the musical recording work with our kids as the next collaboration project.
Shushu Cosmetic as a kids’ beauty creator will always be with our kids through everything important in their precious time.