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Secteur d'activité: Marques
Pays: République de Corée
Stand: DA35

YEONJI - Korean Authentic Conscious Beauty
Korean Conscious Beauty 'YEONJI' presents cosmetics that are sustainable, plastic-free and authentic Korean nationality.
-JoseonCheoma LipBalm(#01 Plain, #02 LotusPink)
-JoseonVegan CICA basic cosmetic(Scrub, Cream)
-Exclusive: Handcrafted Moon/Tiger Jar

■Beyond ingredient health, "sustainability" is a top priority and premise, which applies to all product development, design, and delivery. Eco-friendly materials have been used in each product of 'YEONJI' in a variety of ways, such as permanent containers and recyclable packages.
■YEONJI wants to become an brand that could fill the ethical part with cultural values, and came up with a way to combine sustainablity with Korean ways and beauty. All products incorporate K-traditional cultura elements.
So I suggested filling the ethical part with cultural values. For sustainable brand expression, let's combine Korean methods and beauty to give our own unique cultural value.

- VEGAN (thevegansociety, UK)