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Secteur d'activité: Marques
Pays: République de Corée

New skin detoxification solution “I’m SORRY For MY SKIN”
Ultru Co., Ltd. is a cosmetics company from South Korea and it is specializing in facial masks and skincare.
We are focusing on High-Functional Products and it is specializing in skin care and face masks. We have our own technology and manufacturer and it is certified in ISO22716, CGMP, CPNP, NMPA and Food & Drug administration.
Our skin is so stressed from the toxic pollution and various human addictions in daily life. We have been providing a new skin detoxification solution under the brand. “I’m SORRY For MY SKIN” Our product's design is unique and is easily remembered. As well as the effect of our products is prompt and being positively reviewed by our consumers.
Now, products are sold throughout Korea and abroad in major markets such as drug stores like Sephora(Russia), Clarel(Spain), Watsons(Asia), Olive young, lalavla, LOHB's(Korea), duty free shop and Homeshopping.
First of all, our products design is stylish and catchy. It makes promotion and marketing much easier and faster to proceed with. Second, our products quality.
We have some steady bestseller products for several years in a row. And the last but not the least, our personnel. Our people are experienced, easy to work with, have an outstanding understanding of buyers' needs, and are real fans of their job.