Les conférences IA


AI is the future of beauty, from marketing to industrial competitivity, the whole cosmetic industry is living an industrial revolution with this new technology.
Far from replacing human, AI enables to save time (and money) and enhance competitivity.
In a complex world where data is the new gold, AI enables company to face issue such as life cycle management and monitoring of environmental data, design new product, predict molecule activity, and much more…

Rediscover conference program of the 8th edition on Cosmetic 360 - Sponsored by EcoMundo


Session 1 : AI revolution and social acceptance

 AI and social acceptance - Yves Lostanlen, CEO of Sensei Advisory

Session 2 : AI for beauty sustainability

- Forest restauration management and consumer engagement with AI - Alban Bressand, Co Founder Reforestum
- How can we use AI to achieve sustainable goals - Sana Dubarry, Sustainability Advisor Microsoft
-  AI for Environement, Can technology impact productivity, safety as well as the planet ? Panel by Thomas FAUVELChoose Paris Region - Guillaume Le VézouëtCYM - Predictive MaintenanceAmine BenhenniDataswatiAnthony BoulangerGreentropism

Session 3 : AI for beauty industry

-  AI-powered prediction of antimicrobial protection of cosmetics (Challenge Test) - Jean-Raphael Miron, Technical & IT Director (Partner founder) & Anna Perfetto, PhD AI engineer EcoMundo
-  How factories can use AI ? Improving Quality, Lean Management & Design - Panel by Renan Devillieres, Founer CEO of OSS Ventures with François Dechelette, CEO et Octave Lapeyronie, CPO fabriq , Galem Kayo, CEO Automi AI
- How AI enhance development and production of cosmetic ingredients - Philippe Robin, CEO of Alysophil

Session 4 : AI & Metaverse for beauty marketing

- From image acquisition to data quantification: how AI helps active ingredients development? Pauline Rouaud-Tinguely, Innovation Management project leader SILAB
- Predicting Consumer Interest - Sourav Goswami, CEO of NWO.ai
- From trends’ detection to breakthrough services, the AI-powered marketeer - Stephane Lannuzel, Beautytech Program Director L'Oréal
- Metaverse, Web 3.0 : exploring the new frontier of beauty ? - Virgile Brodziak, Managing Director Wunderman Thompson -