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The annual meeting point for all decision makers of the perfume and cosmetics industry.

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220 exhibitors and 30 start-up worldwide, from the entire industry, meet every year to present their best know-how

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Discover global trends and innovations for perfume and cosmetics industry

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The OPEN INNOVATION service is a unique opportunity to organise meetings and present your innovations to major companies in the fragrance and cosmetics industry.

Sectors of activity represented in the show

Raw Materials
Green chemistry, extraction, natural, active ingredients, active ingredient extraction, antimicrobials, anti-ageing, biotechnology, food ingredients, essential oils, antioxidants…
OEM, Formulation, Laboratory equipment
Masks, textures, sensory experience, industrial machines, subcontracted manufacturing, white label, product, galenic, formula, make-up, sun protection, eco-friendly, fragrance, cream, colour, full service…
Testing & Analysis
Qualification, containers, sensory/emotional analysis, consumer testing, imaging, in vivo/in vitro, microbiology, olfactometry, efficacy testing, microbiological analysis, genetic testing, skin/hair analyses, 3D skin modelling…
Packaging & Manufacturing equipment
Labels, digital printing, filling systems, 3D printing, eco-friendly, traceability, distribution system, airless, robotics, industrial machines, laser, engraving, packaging, samples, white label product…
Retail & Brands
Connected beauty, scents, smart data, IoT, distributors, online sales, personalisation, fragrance, brands, skincare, make-up, certification, consumer experience, organic cosmetics…
Cosmetics industry support functions
Services, software, clusters, web agency, area of activity, marketing, holograms, data collection, regulations, marketplace, incubator, research programme, full service, logistics, cloud, platform…
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« In signing up with the Open Inno­vation service, for the first time this year, our objective was to identify innovations that could be applied to the cosmetics industry, with a view to potentially collaborating. Twenty-eight meetings were sched­uled and we were able to connect with innovators proposing various solutions—many of which had been little known to our departments until now—in the areas of active ingredients, formulation, packaging and digital technology.” »
Stéphane Poigny, Head of the Cosmetic Active Ingredients Research department, Pierre Fabre