Winners of the 2023 edition

Raw Materials

 - Cosmetic innovation based on fermentation


TECHNATURE - Heating cleansing stick
Award supported by IBITA

Testing & Analysis

SGS proderm - Collagen Attenuation: A new aging parameter

Packaging & Packing

DWS Engraving - Color laser engraving on leather
Award supported by INSTITUTO MARANGONI

Brands & Retail

Diva Flora - A skincare brand based on hemp derivatives, with a multi-level eco-design approach.

Manufacturing process & services

SFE PROCESS - Carbodistillation for essential oils

Coup de cœur - " CLEANTECH"

INTACT REGENERATIVE : Pulse neutral alcohol (regenerative cultivation) for perfumes and cosmetics with a more positive impact on the environment.
Award supported by CHOOSE PARIS REGION